This page is to honor all POW/MIA's, they will always be remembered by those
of us who care and demand a full account of those who our government has said
are dead. There are individuals in our government and private citizens who try
to make us think that all POW's were returned to the United States during what
was called Operation Home Coming in February 1973.
But there is hard edivence that not all were returned or even listed on POW list.
There are over 1,948 POW/MIA from the Viet Nam war that remain missing and
our government has said "they are all dead", with a stroke of a pen. President
after President has tried to make the POW/MIA issue fade away by turning a deaf ear to the problem and to the families and friends of POW/MIA's.
The POW/MIA issue has always been on my heart as far back as I can remember.
My step father was a Marine stationed on Guam during WW II. He was captured
by the Japanese when they occupied the small island of Guam. No one knew his
fate for many months. He never talked about being a POW,but he had some very
serious problems that related to being a POW. My mother couldn't cope with all
of his problems and physical abuse and divorced him when I was 6 years old. My
half brother was only 3 years old at the time,and hasn't seen his dad for 52 years.

My Grandfather told me that the Japanese treated POW's like animals. He said
that the Japanese pulled out my step fathers finger nails one at a time over a few
weeks time span and held his head down in a bucket of water to the point of almost
drowning. These were just a few things that happened to him as a POW. Grandpa
said he would tell him about different things that his captors would do to him only
when he was drunk,which was quite often. This is just a small reason why I an very
serious about the POW/MIA issue.
To our government the POW/MIA's are just numbers,to some people they are just
names on a war Memorial . The fact is they are real people with real feelings and
have families and friends and people who don't know them who are concerned about
them and are putting a lot of effort into getting our government to do what's in there
power for their return. We must keep this issue before their faces day in and day out,
until all POW/MIA's are returned and or accounted for. We the people of this great
Nation can make it happen. Please get involved,write your Congressman, and your
State Representative,write the President. Keep the pressure on them!! Please visit
my adopted POW/MIA's listed below by clicking on their name............Thank you.
These Awards are issued to this site by the Advisory
       Board of the POW/MIA Freedom Fighters
      Organization, for it's early and steadfast
         commitment to our missing Warriors.

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