For your viewing pleasure and time I have divided
Khe Sanh Memories into 6 pages. These pages area drop in a bucket compared to all I could write,but time and space is an issue. These pages are but a few highlights of Khe Sanh Combat Base, RVN 1967.
Please visit my adopted POW-MIA's links on this page.
Where the combat base was located,living conditions,
perimeter duty, crash of a KC-130 transport plane,
helicopter crash, an Air Force jet drops napalm on a
friendly village, invaded by bee's, walking down main
street naked.
volley ball games, steaks arrive from down south, a high
ranking Vietnamese offical is killed, dog called "Gunny"
eats to much, rip'in off old Grand Dad, artillery shell out
side OUR TENT, Elliot Ness, Floyd Patterson Heavy weight champion drop by to say hi.
Honor for Steve Weldon USMC.
Corpsman up, Steve Wike on hill 881 N. 1967
A few pictures
Pictures of KC-130, 3rd Recon, Route 9,
airdrop,beer line,incoming rounds, tanks,
ammo dump explodes, and more.
Seabees build mess hall.
F-4 Phantom makes a pass.
Tribute to Woody Cronkrite
and Philip Curran, two friends
of mine killed 13 days apart.
Recalling studying about  Indochina
when I was in school, later named
Views on the Vietnam war.
POW/MIA issues.
Antiwar protesters,draft dodgers and
proof that US left men behind.

Thank you so much "Viper" for this beautiful Award
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An in-depth chronologically  by dates of Khe Sanh Combat Base
A must see site by Al Varelas USMC. click on name above.
Message from Headquarters 3rd Marines 1967
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