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Centralia, missouri is Rodney's home town,a small rural
community in central Missouri,very friendly people, a
nice area to raise a family.
In Honor and a rememberance of Rodney so he would always be
remembered by the citizens of this small community a son who
never returned from Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war. This
street was authorized by the city of Centralia, Missouri
The chain on the left of this page is to remind us that Rodney may be
held as a POW somewhere in Southeast Asia, U.S.S.R. or China. The
U.S.Government declaired all POW-MIA's dead without any real proof.
We must never give up hope that our Government if pressured by the
citizens of this country will give a true and full account of all the men
that were listed as MIA,and later declaired dead,body not recovered.
1.  All 8 men survived the crash of the Huey helicopter.

2.  Rodney Griffin and Captain Dale W. Richardson were seen
    running into the tall elephant grass and firing their weapons at
    the enemy.

3.  SP-4 Frederick H. Crowson recounted seeing Rodney Griffin and
    Bunyan Price firing their M-16 rifles at the enemy troops before
    he himself was captured.

4.  Bunyan Price was never seen in captivity, but Maslowski and
    Crowson always believer that Price had been captured.

5.  Captain Dale W. Richardson was known to have been captured
     yet the U.S. Government listed his status and that of Rodney
     Griffin as Missing In Action.

6.   Captain Richardson was interrogated by the Viet Cong captors
      about a "TOP SECRET" document they produced. The said
      document was last known to be in Captain Richardson possession.

7.    No one ever seen Rodney Griffin captured or killed. Yet on a report
      dated  May 18, 1970 states he was captured in Cambodia.

Remember none of the other men that were captured in this incident ever saw
Bunyan Price in captivity. In October 1971, a former National Liberation Front
(Viet Cong) soldier identified a photo of Bunyan Price as resembling the Amer-
ican prisoner whom he had seen in June 1970.

Futher, in June 1971, three ARVN soldiers escaped from the B-7 Detention camp.
They identified a photo of Price as the American held for a year in the same camp
with them.

One report from escaped ARVN POW stated that Price had been captured by the
Khmer Rouge (communist Cambodians) and the prison camp he was held in was
under their control, not the Viet Cong's.

It is very possible that Rodney Griffin could have also been captured by
the same
Cambodian Khmer Rouge,like Price just because he was never seen in captivity
doesn't mean that he wasn't  and still may be held prisoner by the Cambodians,
or  sent to another Southeast Asian country.

The above document obtained from the Library of Congress
DATE OF REPORT:                  MAY 18, 1974
COUNTRY:                               Cambodia
TYPE OF INFORMATION:         U.S.Army Files

This document list Griffin as being captured in CAMBODIA in 1970, but it doesn't say
why he wasn't on any of the Cambodian POW list. How can the Government list him
as dead, body not recovered? What POW camp was he in? If all POW'S were really
released durning Operation Home Coming, why wasn't Rodney Griffin released? Until
1973, Rodney was listed as Missing In Action. Where is Rodney? Is he still being held
in Cambodia or some other Asian country? If the Army Files listed him as captured in
1970, then why was he being listed MIA on other reports? There are a lot of unanswered
questions about Rodney Griffin and almost 2000 other American servicemen that have
not been accounted for missing in Southeast Asia. Get involved write the President, vice
President, Congressman and Senators respectfully request a full accounting of all our

                U.S. ARMY
               Vietnam war
       POW-MIA  02 MAY 1970


Vietnam POW-MIA from Missouri unaccount for:
Oley Neal Adams                          Robert Allen Anspach                            Steven Neil Bezold
Floyd Dean Caldwell                    Allen Sheldon Cherry                             Richard David Chorlins
Reginald David Cleve                   Donald Martin Cramer                           Donald Chester Dean
William Rothroc Edmondson        Dickie W. Finley                                     James Jewel Fowler
Rodney Lynn Griffin                      John Gary Griffith                                  Paul Alfred Hasenbeck
Clarence Joseph Hemmel             Frederick William Hess                         Charles Dale Hill
Galen Francis Humphrey              Delmer Lee Laws                                  Charles Weldon Marik
Carl D. Miller                                Joseph Vaughn Murray                          Clyde C. Owen
Benard Herber Plassmeyer          Charles F. Prevedel                                Dayton William Ragland
Dean Wesley Reiter                      Dwight G. Rickman                                Edward Robinson
Robert Page Rosenbach               M.J. Savoy                                             John W. Seuell
George Craig Smith                      John Gates Spindler                              Randolph Bothwell Suber
Danny Gene Taylor                       Michael James Tye                                Thomas Hubert Wolfe
Patrick Hardy Wood


We need to write the President,Vice President, our Congressman,
State Representatives and Senators and let them know the POW -
MIA issue is very much alive. Ask them for their help to get a full
accounting for all of our POW-MIA'S.Click here to add your text.
This flame will burn 24 hours, 7 days a week until they all come home
One POW that was released by the North Vietnamese during
Operation Homecoming said his captors told him-----------------

          "WE CAN KEEP YOU FOR EVER"Click here to add your text.

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UK Web Awards - 2001
      I never knew
     Rodney Griffin
My wife and my brother-
in-law went to school with
him. What I have learned
from them is,Rodney was
well liked,he was a kind
and quiet type person,just
an average all american
boy from a small town in
mid Missouri who believed
he could make a difference
in the world by doing his
part in Viet Nam. He left a
young wife and his family
to serve his country he loved
and respected. Why did his
country leave him behind
in Southeast Asia?